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Fire Hydrant System is also known as fire plug is the oldest and still one of the most effective ones. Fire fighters can put away fire in an excellent way by installing fire hydrants. This industrial safety equipment or fire protection system is used with municipal water service in urban as well as rural areas to combat fire break out. However, the local municipal water system don't scrutinize the hydrants which are private. These water hydrant systems are useful in large buildings and areas where immediate rescue is necessary on a moderate scale. To increase water pressure the hose attached to the hydrant can be further attached to a fire engine to use a powerful pump.

The valve is opened and provides as a source of water. Some residents are allowed to establish a hydrant to fill water in their swimming pools built in-ground. A fire hydrant must be well marked in a way that it must be visible even in the night and bad weather.

This is a semi-automatic system. A network of pipes is laid out depending upon the risk with hydrant valves placed at strategic places. Fire Hydrant System, the oldest and still one of the most effective ones, consists of the following components :

  • Sufficiently large water reservoir
  • Fire pumpsets (Main and Standby)
  • Jockey pumpset
  • Hydrant valves
  • Fire fighting hoses
  • Branch pipe with nozzles

A complete Fire Hydrant System Consists of the following systems also -