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A Hose Reel System consists of Hose reels fixed on specific locations of all floors connected to a Fire Pump Set. This System is a pressurized one with a sole purpose of fighting any fire that might occur until the Fire & The hose reel includes a drive motor which rotates the reel in a direction to wind a hose onto the reel and a clutch which permits the reel to freely rotate when the hose is payed out.

The hose traction wheel may be attached to a boom movable horizontally and vertically with respect to the reel and is driven by a motor to pay out the hose and a clutch which permits the traction wheel to turn freely during rewind of the hose. A first fairlead assembly mounted to the fixed reel and a second fairlead assembly mounted to the hose traction wheel guides the hose to permit pay out and rewind when the traction wheel is not in the plane of the reel. Rescue Two automatic electric driven pumps and diesel driven pump shall be provided to feed the hose reel system, one of the electric driven pump shall be as duty pump, and the second electric driven pump shall act as a booster pump where the water pressure in hose reel mains needs to be boosted. The diesel driven pump (standby pump) shall be so arranged that it will operate automatically on a failure for any reason of the electric driven pumps. All pumps shall be capable of being started and stopped manually.

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